X-Ray Diffraction

Rapid and Accurate X-Ray Diffraction Service

X-Ray diffraction (XRD) is a method used to determine the amount of a crystalline phase in a sample.

Typically, XRD is used to determine the amount of each mineral that makes up a sample of ore. Samples submitted for analysis are spiked with corundum to enable the quantification of amorphous (non-crystalline) content.

Clay speciation is also available at AuTec. For clay identification, the United States Geological Service workflow is used. This process includes the use of ethylene glycol and multiple sessions of roasting and scanning.

XRD analysis is a fast and cost effective way to determine the makeup of your material. Please contact the head of our mineralogy group, Dr. Peter Whittaker at pwhittaker@autec.ca for more information.

Fore more information on the X-Ray diffraction equipment at AuTec, please click the link below.


Qualitative XRD – $180 USD
Quantitative XRD – $200 USD
Clay Speciation – $1600 USD